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That is the question really, with November literally starting tomorrow, men from around the world will be competing for not tactical beards, but finely groomed moustaches. I shall not only be one of those competing but bringing a picture a day to the blog of my progress.

A bit of history for you; founded in 2003 it was just 30 MO’s  who founded the legendary moustaches, it has now grown to over 1.1 million in 2012. The rules are simple:

  1. Clean shaven as of the 1st November (I’ll be slightly cheating and keeping my ‘soul patch’, but clean shaving apart from that)
  2. No linking to the goatee or your side burns.
  3. Conduct yourself like a true mo gentleman.

Movember supports two major groups; Prostate Cancer UK and The Institute of Cancer Research – both of which I think we can say a lot less known/supported than lets say Macmillian Cancer Support or Breast Cancer Awareness.

So without further adue, check out my Movember page, and get supporting (oh and donations are welcome!).


About Chris

I started my career 10 years ago in hospitality and have been serving in some format ever since. Very recently, I decided enough was enough and wanted to do some travelling, perhaps something I should have done all those years ago when I finished University. Expect airsoft, rants, travelling snippets and lots of pictures.

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