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A bit of a different style today, but that’s also because I was far too busy to squeeze in a post yesterday and well, we were massively treated to some of the best sushi I have ever had by complete strangers. Who I am pleased to say, we could quite happily call friends. If you’re reading, thanks Kim and Sharon. Sorry mum, I totally spoke to strangers.

So where to start? We have been packing in a crazy amount of stuff and well, 1 week is just not enough time to explore New York. You need at least 2 to properly do everything. We haven’t even got to Brooklyn yet!

IMG_3124Thursday started with a bit of a reality check, but a nice one. You have to visit the World Trade memorial if you come to New York, and although we caught it in what you might call ‘out of season’ (all the trees were very bare), it is quite something to physically visualise. It certainly puts everything into perspective. One thing to note is the building work. There is lots going on and I’m sure the whole site is going to look stunning sometime very soon.

A few pictures later and a rather brisk stroll along the water, it was time to check out the copper lady herself. Thats right folks, the Statue of Liberty. The weather had taken a turn for the blowy so we opted out of visiting her island, but seeing her from the shoreline was enough. Looking remarkably smaller than the movies depict. Sadly, I got more excited stumbling on the Men in Black building in Battery Park. They wouldn’t let me enter just saying ‘The name is C’. There must be something wrong.

IMG_3108Next stop, and something that excited me muchly. A proper coffee shop, I was over the moon. Gregorys of New York go for the more real cup of coffee, miles apart from the Starbuck giants you find across the city (who I swear are continuously multiplying). Genuine passion from the guys serving and as a result, a great cup of coffee (they had 6oz cups, I was so happy!).

You all know what came next, yup, we went to the legendary Katz’s Deli which was nothing short of pure awesome. Check out me solely dedicated post here.

Shopping, shopping and more shopping was high on the agenda. Man ‘dem gotta get a new hat right? Especially if its in a flag ship New Era shop (Simon will be proud!). Mary was even persuaded by a good looking Brooklyn style snap back. Not sure whether it was because of the ‘half off’ price tag or the fact that it was from a team owned by Jay-Z. I’ll let those who know her decide that one.

The day was quickly over as we had a very chilled evening as I guess we need to be at least fairly careful about how much money we are spending. There is another 11 weeks of this lifestyle.

This is art right?

Day 5 got off to a much slower start with an action packed day of museums planned. First stop was what we thought would be the Museum of Modern Art (which we already had tickets for), but instead we ended up in the Metropolitan Museum. This didn’t stop us from enjoying a good few hours touring round the museum without paying and not being stopped. However it did show just how anal some Americans were about sticking to the rules. Backpacks being one of them. Completely not ok in a museum with pictures on the wall apparently. Carry it down by your side or look like a lemon and wear it on your front. Plenty to look at, ranging from Ancient Greek artwork, straight through to modern day art.

It wasn’t until Mary realised there was some Van Gogh on display that we tried to re-enter the museum and got informed that in fact our tickets were for the MoMa (Museum of modern art) and we could not enter. Regardless of the fact we had already been wandering around for several hours.

tequilaMuseum trips over and a quick hot dog later, we had landed in Chelsea. Thats right, we wanted to see how the other half live and to be fair, it’s probably not too dis-similar to our Chelsea lot. Lobster, crab and oyster absolutely everywhere, this place was crazy. Why had we eaten before we got down there? The experience was enough and the coffee was quite simply, awesome.

Enough food, it was time to get our drink on for the first time since we had arrived. The Spotted Pig was our desired location and quickly it was found. Spotted Pig became famous when it donned its first michelin star for its epic burgers, which any google search will show you. We weren’t there for the food. Several drinks in and we were making friends, that english accent getting us noticed obviously. A rather delightful couple making conversation and recommending absolutely everything to us. We could tell very quickly this was going to turn into a boozy and exciting evening.

eoEarly evening approached and another English style pub, just up the road from the Spotted Pig, appropriately named The White Horse. Magners cider? Why not! All inclusive of table service, how odd. Still something I can’t quite get used too. What happened to just ordering at the bar and trying to make that 5 pint carry back to the table without spilling a drop. Needless to say, they had the typical no music environment down to a tea.

One more drink down and it was time to move on. This time to a much trendier location, Employees Only. I don’t mean we went to an employees only bar, we went to the Employees Only bar. We felt just at home as familiar surroundings of the speak easy cocktail bar period. Word on the grapevine it had been made famous recently due a CNN documentary and oh my you could tell. Queues to get in at 6pm, what is this blasphemy? No worries, we were in within 15 minutes.

IMG_3167On a whirlwind tour of everything good, food was next and this was the highlight of the evening. Sushi back in uptown. The Blue Ribbon Sushi bar, and wow this was an experience. Thankfully for us, we had some locals with us, which improved the experience 10 fold as we honest would have had no idea what to order. The food kept on coming and did not disappoint. The oxtail and bone marrow fried rice being a particular favourite, and what else would you get in a sushi restaurant but fried chicken? Awesome. Salmon eggs and sea urchin, check. Although possibly not something I would take on again, but still a great culinary experience. It almost deserves a post just on its own, that’s how much we enjoyed it.

The night was almost over, but what better way than to spend it strolling through Times Square at night. Done. Checked off. More awesome. Why can’t we just combine the best bits of all cities and make a super city. The idea sounds simple enough.

So what’s next? Well we haven’t even touched on Brooklyn and Willamsburg yet, so they’ll be on the cards for day 6. Plus, we may even see some sunshine, can’t bloody wait (yes, I had to squeeze some traditional english in there). I’ll just leave some recent photos right here.


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