PTW 1.2 Pure awesomeness

That is the name of this post. Two game days down and I start thinking to myself ‘why did I not do it sooner?’, which is something I have been told a few times by fellow team members. Just yesterday, ‘sister emma’ really came into her own at a casual walk-on at Spartan Airsoft. The rain even held off for us.

The precision and the fluidity of being able to pick a target and know you are going to hit it (range permitting of course) is just the greatest feeling. I was slightly nervous rocking up for its first proper outdoor game day, but there really wasn’t a need too. Playing with Rich (reptilehouseblog) and Stu (pptw) for the first time was a joy, especially as I always seem to shoot against Rich. Not to mention an old 13th member joining us, and how could I forget my own team members who joined in the fun. New and current acquaintances made stronger in the forms of ‘the tents’ and Mr Fergyson.

So whats the next, training day at The Block with the Shadowstalkers team. Two hours of ex-SF training, followed by a full day of gameplay, expect a full report.



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