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So it was about time I gave this ever increasing craze that appears to be flooding the airsoft market a go. Spraying up your gats. But I wasn’t going to let myself loose on my sister emma immediately, and to be honest, I probably never will, I like her just the way she is.

It was the turn of my MP7 and having spoken and looking at plenty of others attempts (some much more successful than others), I thought, why not. The first phase was actually more challenging than I thought, locally sourcing the right paints. I went through several different sources to find out exactly which paints would be the best ones to use and where to get them. For some reason I wanted to see the product before I bought it. No idea why, I generally just hit ‘add to basket’ and crack on. So whats next? Well, let me tell you.

Number one for me was, what sort of pattern do I want to end up with? The key here is(and I was told this image-4
be several people) don’t be too ‘clinical’. You want it to look like you didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of time on it, even though you probably did. I found my method from a random video on youtube and the end product was pleasantly surprising. Leaves. Yes, leaves. Walk around your garden, or the nearest place with trees and start selecting your patterns. I went for 2 different types, just to get the slightly differing patterns and they ended up complementing themselves very well. After you have chosen the desired ‘pattern’ (in this case, leaves), you’ll need to make sure nothing gets anywhere you don’t want it. For example, the working parts. Now this will only really matter for those with AEG’s, but for me it didn’t really matter as its a GBB. The only thing I needed to make sure was when spraying, don’t over do it. This will only lead to too much being in the wrong place.image-5

Next up, coat it with the colour you want it to end up as. You’ll see why you do this first later on.┬áLeave to dry. I used a Humbrol Dark Green as the base coat. Find yourself some desirable leaves and start placing them in random directions. Remember, it doesn’t matter if its a bit random. Take your next colour (in my case, it was a desert colour by Fosco) and spray straight across the top of the leaf, making sure it goes nicely through the gaps and hits the metal. Remove and admire your work. If you’re not happy, just spray over with base coat and start again. I was lucky enough to be perfectly happy to just keep going until I thought it was time to stop. I didn’t add any more base coats after the original.

The rest is quite easy really, keep repeating with your secondary colour across the entire gun. Make sure you do both sides obviously. The whole process took me about 4 hours as I went a little wrong to begin with, and I was fortunate to have good weather so everything was drying nice and quick. The biggest thing I learnt is don’t worry about it. You might go wrong yes, but its real easy timage-2o fix it if you do – its the luxury of it being so random.

The one thing I very nearly forgot; the magazines. I did see several
people not bother doing their mags when spraying the main body, but I decided this was silly so I moved straight on (and the result was very pleasing, and finished it off perfectly). Sure, they look a bit odd when not in the weapon, but once slotted in, it quite simply looks awesome.

Would I recommend it and would I do it again? Yes, and yes. Its quite nerve racking at first when you’re staring at one of your favourite pieces of kit, constantly worrying its all going to go wrong and you’ll ruin it. Well don’t. If you really want to do it, do your research. There are plenty of blogs and youtube videos out there, and trust me you’ll quickly learn how not to do it by watching some of the videos out there! My next problem is deciding which one to do next…in the mean time, enjoy some more photos.

Want to know what I used? Humbrol Dark Green and Humbrol Black. Fosco Desert. All can usually be obtained locally, if not, just google – you’ll quickly find them.


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