Airsoft friends.

Its been a while since I had a day out skirmishing without the bulk of Recon behiaf3nd me, but this
time, it was two members plus a bunch of good airsoft buddies, and what an awesome day it was. I almost felt like jumping up and down on the bench inbetweeners style, shouting ‘frriieendddss’. Not only that, but it was the first appearance of a few fancy polarstars on the field for several of them.

The weather was perfect and we were all allowed to play together for once (thanks Beard!). The stage was set for an almost round robin scenario of a buncaf1h of mines around the main roads to be disarmed, followed by a bunch of rockets to be deployed at set targets, easy right? Well it was until we were told that the 11th mine was actually in the DMZ, wait, isn’t that a no-go area? Correct! After some epic fire-fights and plenty of running around, we completed all objectives with just 4 minutes to spare.

Teams were switched at lunch time and the ’11th’ mine removed from play. This time we were on the defense, and defend we did – holding the team at the hairpin for at least 75% of the game, we ran away to victory, even after two of said ‘friends’ deserting to the other team. You know who you are!

One of the most enjoyable skirmish days, roll on next weekend! Cheers lads.

af4All images borrowed from Spartan Airsoft and of course Facebook.


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