As some people may or may not be aware, the 13th recently disbanded as an Airsoft Team and became more of a collection of friends who occasionally play together. 3 of the members then became members of Bristol Recon which created my new call-sign, BR Two Zero. The history between the 13th and Bristol Recon had been a good one for at least a year, so it only made sense for us to move across.

In the last 3-4 months, call-signs BR20, BR21 and BR22 have flourished under the new colours and have helped bolster the now impressive ranks of Bristol Recon. Furthermore, we are now a force to be reckoned with at the majority of weekenders and pretty much any event that we attend. Just in the last few months, we have been seen at Stirling, Brit-Tac, AI-500 (one we shall not be attending again) and also the odd walk-on in and around Bristol. The most recent being Brit-Tac’s OP:Borderlands/OP: Dark Skies. With perhaps only one weekender remaining for the year, we now look ahead to the future of the continuously evolving Bristol Recon which you see now. Lets just say, 2014 will be one very exciting year for the team.

You’ll find This is Bristol Recon on Facebook and Twitter, along with myself by hitting the twitter link at the top. On the other hand, if you can’t be bothered to look that far up, you can click here :)


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I started my career 10 years ago in hospitality and have been serving in some format ever since. Very recently, I decided enough was enough and wanted to do some travelling, perhaps something I should have done all those years ago when I finished University. Expect airsoft, rants, travelling snippets and lots of pictures.

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