BR02 gets his well deserved crown!

With the earlier announcement of the Infiltration Airsoft video competition from their latest OP: Valravn, it is no surprise at all that Bristol Recon’s very own BR02 took the crown. Darren spent the week after Valravn releasing mini episodes leading up to the full video that very quickly started to paint a picture for the main video to come. The most recent release from BR02 is by far one of his best and it gives one of those warm fluffy feelings every time I hit play (not forgetting to put it in HD of course!). Even if I’m not really in it. Catching up with Darren after the winner was announced, he was somewhat over-joyed with the win and I have been promised plenty more in the pipeline.

You can find the official announcement here. A full list of the entries can also be found in an earlier blog post by Harry over at Infiltration Airsoft, and as always, please check out This is Bristol Recon.



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