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Checking into the Asylum.

So its taken me a while and I even started it very shortly after going, but what with this ridiculous thing called ‘real life’ getting in the way, I have only just finished it. Enjoy.

3 BR and one hopeful checked into the Asylum on the 16th and everything appeared to be with us that day, including our marbles.

I had forgotten how far it was, and after a fresh 6am start on 3 hours sleep, I was ready for a full day of airsoft and tea…lots of it. Cold first thing, but it soon brightened up and turned out to be almost the perfect day for shooting. No wind and plenty of sunny patches, a massive change to the weeks before of crazy sideways rain and trees blowing at 90 degrees.


After a quick catch up with Felix and plenty other marshals, it was time to get under way. With several different game scenarios planned for the day and bright blue skies, we were well up for it. If you have ever been to Asylum, there is plenty to do, environment wise at least. Little bit of woodland, plenty of urban and some real up close and personal locations (spread over several floors as well).

Playing to our strengths obviously, we love as much urban play as we can get, the small village is perfect for me especially, so guess where I spent most of my day? At one point, holding off the entire opposition with Simon going down mid-fight and all my mags lined up for easy, quick rotation. It was however at this point that my poor motor decided to give a few murmurs, lasted the rest of the day but only just. It wasn’t until my final mag that I took a hit straight to the face, but the body count was impressive and cheers could be heard from the marshals. I felt awesome!

The day continued with plenty of scenarios revolving around the ceders building which can be a real bitch to assault. Not my cup of tea, but still good fun watching Si and Darren especially excel at that kinda play. Grenades a plenty when Simon is involved.

The day pushed on and with a quick lunch break, with the standard freebie lunch of burgers and a can of pop, we got started again. This time, with a massive bomb that we actually had to disarm with a funky number panel – I was impressed! With a number of choke points while assaulting the asylum2top building (the name escapes me), it required drilling several large bushes and then facing almost a horseshoe shape of bushes before reaching the bomb which had been conveniently placed in the open. After several returns to respawn, we finally pushed our way in and almost half a dozen attempts later, got the right bomb code.

Great to see Lara coming along under the watchful eye of Nathan, they’ll be an unstoppable pair sometime soon. So how was our day at the Asylum and is it worth the early morning starts to play there. Based on this most recent trip, definitely. ┬áThe site is incredibly well maintained by Felix and his crew, and the game scenarios always seem to be very well thought through, not massively over-complicating things which a lot of sites full victim too. Not only that, but the marshal communication to players is almost second to none with any issues being dealt with immediately and clearly.

I personally can’t wait to get back there.


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