Court is now in session.

It had been almost 2 years since my last visit to the The Courthouse in Bristol and it was rather last-minute that we decided to take a trip down there one evening. Anyone who has ever been to The Courthouse might know of its reputation, or perhaps you don’t. Several years ago, it used to have competent marshals who would run a tight ship, as it were. One day, those marshals up and left for their own reasons, some of you may even remember those reasons but it’s not my place to say. Ever since then, the game ‘evenings’ have been incredibly hit and miss.

We rocked up a little early which was nice as it gave me a chance to have a poke around and see if anything had changed. Nothing really new, perhaps the odd new barrier put in place to make it easier to assault some of the smaller, darker areas. The nice thing about mid-week Courthouse is there appears to be a consistent low number turnout. Some you may be thinking ‘that’s a bit rubbish’, but it’s quite the opposite. This site excels with low numbers, and if you can get to a decent standard of player marshalling, it’s even better.

One main downside to the site is no grenades on the main level, and here’s why. It’s a grade 2 listed building, meaning, you break stuff, you buy it. There are some great original features to the site which deserve to be preserved. Back to no grenades – the main level has so many little dark rooms, that grenades are almost a necessity to clear, but I suppose that just brings more of a challenge.

The problems with this site arrive slightly later on once you bolt on a few extra numbers to the teams and a marshal is apparently required. Indecisive marshalling almost ruined the evening, but with a quick chat after, lets hope something was learned. The site also needs a bit of care and attention putting into it and whilst I realise this costs money, the place just screams ‘neglected’. I will be returning to the site as its fairly cheap during the week and gives me some night-time (mid-week) CQB action.


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