Day 2 – Armed Response!

So the title says it all and I have a great segment for you all today, yes I crossed paths with an NYPD armed response guy yesterday and it was quite surreal. Anyway, lets gets stuck in..

bagelDay 2 started ridiculously early, 6:30am to be precise. Jet lag is a bitch, but this did not deter us and we stayed in bed until at least 7! Bagels were on the agenda first thing as it’s a New York speciality right? We headed straight for the nearest bagel shop after a rather disastrous trip to try and find a well researched shop. The research was not in vain and these bagels were quite simply, epic. Not to mention the filter coffee, which is everywhere by the way. I’ve already made the mistake of asking a regular cafe (not Starbucks) for a Flat White and you just get stared down as if you had just offended their moapplether.

With bellies full, it was time to properly hit the big apple and we quite literally did. First stop, an underground Apple store with nothing but a glass cube on street level which you go into and descend. It even had an umbrella bag dispensing unit so as not to get any drips on all those expensive gadgets (yes, it’s been raining). Nothing special once you actually got downstairs, just an average Apple store. They even tried to tease with giant pictures of the new Apple watches, but did they exist? No chance.

A walk, skip and a jump later we had arrived at Grand Central Station and what a place. For anyone who hasn’t been there, imagine your local train station and then picture it being 10 times better. It came complete with yet another Apple store, several army folks and a ceiling you would never find in a train station. It makes St. grandcentralbridePancras station look rather dull and that still impresses me whenever I venture into London.

It was not without further entertainment as a bride, yes a bride, randomly appeared out of no-where and managed to clear the floor smack bang in the middle. Why not huh? Don’t we all aspire to strut our stuff around a ridiculously public area in a wedding dress? I’ll let you guys answer that for yourself, as for me, why not, go nuts! Thinking about it, you wouldn’t even need your own photographer, everyone does it for you. As it’s America, you can threaten court action if they don’t handover the pictures. Thats what Americans do right?

Cool right? I’ve only been here 1 day honest!

The day just kept getting better and better and here comes my run in with the NYPD in a rather odd incident. Stepping out of Grand Central, we hang a right and start walking towards the Rockefeller. Look right and there’s 6 or 7 fire trucks in all their glory, accompanied by a couple of cop cars. This certainly perks my interest and as I try to catch a glimpse at what excitement is taking place, this armed to the teeth tac guy steps out in front of me. ‘Excuse me sir, coming through!’. Errrr what? Phone immediately at hand, my heart literally starts racing as if I’m stacking up outside a room myself, and yes a picture follows. Like a little school girl I quickly made a dash for the other pavement as if I’d done nothing. The thought did cross my mind to blame Mary, but that would have been harsh surely!

toysrusHad enough excitement for one day? Never! On to Times Square and the land of M&M’s and toys! Yes there is a giant 5 floor Toys R Us in Times Square and it is nothing like our rubbish ones back home, this one had a giant ferris wheel in the middle of it. Mary has some great photos going up on her Instagram soon, possibly even a cheeky video. On the opposite corner, can you guess what is it yet? M&M world, which was a little bit disappointing with just 3 floors. Anyone been to the one in London? It has 5! Go home New York, you ain’t got nothing.

A short blast on Google maps later (shamelessly standing out of any Starbucks we could find to pinch their WiFi!) and we were heading for an establishment I have been day dreaming about for almost a year. Shake Shack time had come and it certainly didn’t disappoint although rather daunting joining a queue out of the door and heading down the street. These guys have it bang on, menus being shakeshackcolgiven out in the queue, 4 people on tills and well over 7/8 solidly preparing meals. We were in, served and full within about 30 minutes. Awesomely great experience. Crinkle cut fries, brilliant burgers and a new one on both of us. Frozen custard? Imagine custard…but…frozen and you got it. Chuck in a jam donut whisked through it and you have a crazy, but fun and tasty dessert. Even the ordering system and menu were fun. Order your food (yes, they even do appropriate food for dogs!), grab a buzzing contraption and wait. I couldn’t stop giggling at the ‘Everyday we’re Tumblin’ inscribed on the buzzing contraption. Brilliant. Why can’t every fast food place be this crazy? They must open more in the UK. Any visit to London, must involve this.

meatThe day was nearly over, but surely there was still time for some drinks and more food? Yes, yes there was! Next on the list was a local Smokehouse (The Strand Smokehouse to be exact) and we all know how good Grillstock is on their day right? Wrong! This place is phenomenal. Meat is ordered by weight, not just how much they feel like putting on and wow. Ribs, pastrami, pulled pork, and chicken all on the menu. Giant pieces of corn bread (Mary was in her element), slaw, greens, home-made BBQ sauce. Can you tell I’m excited just writing about it? Tuesday night was also Trivia Night (or quiz night to us Brits) and we choose a rather fitting name ‘Alright me babbers?’, which rather amusingly took the ‘trivia master’ 5 attempts to read out and get right. If you’re ever in New York, check this place out. Great atmosphere, excellent food, awesome selection of beers and bourbon, and generally brilliant place.

So day 2 was finally over and in a massive food coma, it was time to call it a day, but what a great first full day in the big apple. Day 3 is just as action packed. Watch this space. I’ll leave you some recent photos below, be sure to check out our Instagram streams at the bottom of the page.

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Garden at Rockefeller centre is Easter themed! :) #rockefeller #garden #easter #rabbit #flowers

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