Day 3 – Top of the Rock!

We finally had a bit more sleep, not rising until at least 8:30am, but that was more excitement than anything else. What was on the agenda today? Top of the Rock of course.

topoftherockFor those who don’t know what I am talking about, there are two great view points in New York City. One being the iconic Empire State building (old news), and the second being the Rockefeller Tower. We opted for the second, much cooler option obviously. One benefit to the Top of the Rock is it’s ALL glass, which means no matter what the weather is like, you’re still not going to be blown off the top of it. Which quite clearly happens over at the Empire State building. *Don’t hold me to that statement!

But first, what better way to start the day with more bagels. This time, we tracked down a small chain of bagel shops in New York, called the Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company, and these were just as good, if not better than the morning before. I went for a Philly breakfast bagel, and while we haven’t quite made it to Philadelphia yet, it sounded far too good to miss. Beef, cheese, eggs, peppers, mushrooms and onions. Excellent. This definitely won’t be the last bagel we have before leaving NYC!metrobagel2

Coffee time and it was time for the Metro, which I realise I haven’t really spoken about. The Metro (or subway) is very similar to what we might know as the London underground. We are in Astoria, a stones throw from Manhattan and the trains are in fact ‘over-ground’ trains until you hit the main island. Pretty cool, as it gives you a birds-eye view of the city for a short period.

Arrival to the Rockefeller Center was quick, even though we did struggle to find it. Fairly ridiculous as it’s one of the tallest buildings in the city!! But you’re not always looking up right? Tickets purchased (a cool $30 each) and now it was time to explore. Trips up the tower are done in 15 minute time slots (smart!) and we were already a good hour and a half wait. But thats ok, we are in the middle of Manhattan, there is tons to do. Lego store, Nintendo world and or course every major fashion designer around. Not to mention the 6 story H&M which naturally dkempireexcited Mary.

Our time had arrived and we rushed to the lifts. A rather dull museum later (well it was just one room) and over-priced ‘official’ photographers, we were at the super fast lifts. 63 floors in 47 seconds to be precise. Now I didn’t count, but I would say it was at least 2 seconds out. Oh, how I joke! The small wait was well worth it however, and regardless of the cloudy day, the views were incredible. I had front row seats for Donkey Kong to re-enact his Empire State Building climb, but sadly that wasn’t to be. A couple of selfies later and it was time to start our descent, and hit the gift shop. Beyoncé blaring as soon as we enter, Mary is happy.

aliceLunchtime done and we were well into the afternoon, so whats next? Central Park of course, or at least half of it. This place is massive. Two hours later and we had only covered half of it. Packed with stuff to do; chess tables (boring), a Zoo, a Carousel, a fake Castle (a replica of a Scottish castle, get your own ideas America!), tunnel after tunnel and probably one of the freakiest Alice in Wonderland sculptures ever. I know the main story is meant to be a bit weird and scary for kids, but seriously, this thing was straight up odd.

Half way point and we were shattered, all this walking lark is tough. I’m still blaming it on the jet lag, I can still do that right? Its only day 3. Down time calling and research into our next locations. Philadelphia and Baltimore on the cards next week. I might even find some Airsoft, it’s not really the done thing in New York. Imagine fighting your way up the Empire State, cool but just a day-dream unfortunately!

Ground Zero and what is now the remains of the World Trade site is on for today. Wrapping up warm as its rather chilly today, thanks to all posting sunny pictures from back home! 😉

Selfies are serious business right? #selfies #topoftherock #newyork #nyc #manhattan

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  1. Mummy here, wall to wall sunshine, Park Slope has been recommended to see in Queens has a fab Italian deli
    Love your blog xxxxx

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