Drawing the invisible line.

Philosophical mode engage.

Its a question that I think everyone asks themselves at some point after several years of playing. When do you draw that line of spending or putting other things first. For years I was almost trying to put Airsoft first of everything; work, personal life, etc. Luckily for me, some of my best friends were also playing alongside me, so I had that bit nailed. But then after really trying to persuade the ‘other half’ to get involved, she hung up her Airsoft boots after just one visit (even though I am still convinced she secretly loved it!).

The pinacle I suppose for myself was the purchase of my PTW, and don’t get me wrong, its one of the best things I have done so far, but ever since, I have just been wanting to spend more and more money on it. To be fair, I don’t see myself stopping.

Recently however, my career has been taking a massive priority and I think I am properly starting to get withdrawal from not playing – my poor PTW lies dormant in its case with barely any playtime in the past few months. Not even the odd walk-on. Hell, I even considered taking it down the local indoor site for a blast.

I guess everyone goes through this point at some point, but the question still remains, where do you draw that line? For me, I don’t think I’ll ever have a definitive line, but it does explain why I’ll ‘go dark’ every now and again. The summer is looking up with plenty of events planned; Infiltration, Stirling and Brit-Tac just to name a few and who knows, I might even get to squeeze in a few walk-ons.

Oh and stay tuned to part 2 of Bristol Recons OP’s. Separatists ftw.


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