Forgetting the simple things.

So this has been something which is being looked at more and more with Airsoft sites now – especially when I visit them. Customer service. It might sound weird, as those more seasoned players might think ‘well back in my day we just turned up to some woods and got on with it’. But with the game becoming more and more popular, and sites opening up all over the place attracting new players all the time, customer service is not something to be ignored.

Now it might just be me as I have made my career out of giving what I like to think, good customer service, every day, but some experiences today out on the field made me think. Its about time I write about this as its been bugging me for a while. What makes a good game site nowadays? Isn’t the way you are treated as a paying player (and customer) important? Sure the caliber and type of game play is important as well, but it feels as though a lot of site owners are forgetting the real basics in regards to their players.

At the end of the day, running an airsoft site is a business right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it makes you money, otherwise why else would you put so much effort into it. Who makes you that money? Your die hard customers, so to speak.

Me being me, tried to make a point of this today to the some of the marshals at a site name that I shall not reveal – with some very hostile reactions. Let me paint the picture, a schedule was set but ran behind. Players being players started to get restless as there appeared to be more waiting around for games to start than actual trigger time. Now usually, I can be incredibly patient with delays, it happens right? But not today. When it finally got to the briefing, the marshals were openly (almost) having a go at the players, as if it were there fault. Sorry what did I miss? The players were ready 20 minutes ago, you weren’t. And that’s just for starters – I won’t bore you with the rest.

Good relationship with your customers is crucial for any budding business, especially when its becoming so competitive, just like our beloved game is starting too. Good customer service = return customers. Fact. The rest can be worked on, start with the basics and work up.


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