I caught up with one of Bristol Recon’s newest members to see how she (yes, its a girl!!) was getting on, and here is what she had to say.

When did you start playing?

Last summer, around August I think. I remember we were really fortunate with the weather – it was a brilliantly sunny day.

What first drew you into playing?

I attended my first game day out of curiosity after my fiancé (BR18) was disappearing regularly at insufferable hours. I accepted that my Sunday morning tea in bed had died its death and I found myself standing in the woods with, then, an AK being shot at 10177263_10152235307984079_6459569518517584988_nfrom all angles. I found my feet and discovered the sport to be exhilarating and it left me with a lasting buzz. One game led to another and I was hooked. I gradually began meeting members of the team and I really admired the comradeship and team ethos BR have. I wanted more of that: the players were organised and their game play was serious.

You’ve now joined one of the UK’s most up and coming teams, honestly, what’s it like being the only girl in the team?

1453477_573878489332206_623146789_nGenuinely? I don’t notice that there aren’t any other girls around. When I’m in-play, I’m focused on the game.  I’m treated the same as the guys, get as much banter as the guys and the jokes are definitely not toned down on my account! But then again, with the outfit comparisons, ‘macho’ fashion and kit rivalry and Instagram selfies going on, I’m not always sure that I am on a team with all guys!

With the help and support of the new team, what do you hope to get out of it?

Further to my earlier point on the team organisation and comradeship, I’m 10177286_10152166872839079_1504486508_nprimarily looking to improve my team play abilities and to be more efficient in-game. The combined knowledge of the team on anything from game tactics to tactical kit is invaluable and I’m hoping to use as much of that knowledge as possible to enable me to be the best team player I can be.

What’s it like playing with your soon to be husband?

1557619_10152235313119079_4808993419020001518_nAbsolutely amazing. It takes working together as a team and covering each other’s back to a whole new level. It’s great to have a hobby that we share and it definitely saves any disputes over whether a few hundred pounds on a new piece of kit is acceptable! (And I get the benefit of stealing his kit when mine breaks!!)

Any new pieces of kit planned on your wish list?

Always! I have found myself choosing kit over a Mulberry bag in the recent months and I’m learning that the list just keeps getting longer! That aside, my next planned purchases will include a Z tactical headset and some form of pyro, whether that be a VTG or an impact.

I think its safe to say that ‘Crofty’ has obviously settled well into the team and has a very clear sense of what she wants to achieve within it. Best of luck to her and I look forward to catching up with her again after the summer maybe and having another chat! Cheers Lara.


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