His name is Bob…

02A peculiar title for the post, but one that is rather apt for the theme. Bob is of course one of the characters of the recent OP: Liberation, run by Infiltration Airsoft. As I am sure some of you are aware already, or perhaps have seen in some of zero2actuals posts on the subject – Infiltration are not just the normal ‘milsim’ kind of event. Sure, they have a background story and the event itself is very story driven, but they are doing something different.

The characters are very immersed into the day, and you’ll regularly see them strolling around, even if its a random drug dealer strolling around listening to garage music, offering up a deal. They even went as far as setting up a full on drugs lab, which looked rather impressive. Not only this, they have been introducing technology into their events which hasn’t been seen before. See The Application of Technology post from zero2actual for full details on it.

As a team, we fielded 13 players, which doubled up with almost the same from Team Nuclear 03Waste, we were a fairly formidable force. The one solo Polarstar was very much talk of the The Rain for most of the day, which had a very impressive outing at the capable hands of BR21. Systemas a plenty of both teams as well, so plenty of competition to rival the new kid on the block. This time, we found ourselves at another Ambush Adventures site, The Compound. A first for pretty much all of us and what a great site it is. Very very CQB and not much else, the longest strip being the central road must only be 30-40 meters long before you hit the safe zone.

We now of course wait for the bombardment of pictures, videos and stories (which has already 04started), but Wyvern Airsoft boasting well over 2000 photos taken during the day which may take him sometime to sift through. But if they are anything like the quality produced from their last op, it’ll be worth waiting for. I’m also eagerly awaiting the video from zero2actual, although we may have to wait quite some time (possibly christmas? 😉 ) before we see it, but again, they are always worth the wait. I’ll be re-visiting when we finally do see some video and pictures appear.

All photos used are from zero2actual and shared with This is Bristol Recon


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