So there is plenty of Historic cities down the coast and in fact across the United States. I don’t know about you, but I always picture the suburbs of a medium sized American city to be the traditional detached wooden houses with kids playing in the streets. Well, Savannah isn’t far off that.

As with most cities of its size, Savannah had a big part to play in the civil war and it is clearly evident. Downtown is laid out very differently to places such as Charleston. Every couple of blocks downtown there is a large square, completely separating the main street. Now history shows us that apparently these were used by stationed troops to occupy if and when the city came under attack. Basically putting  a stop to any incoming troops, and with the sheer amount of these squares, I’d say they did a pretty good job.

Savannah certainly felt like a city that almost had it all. For me, it has quickly climbed the ranks to one of my favourite cities (so far that is, but I clearly missed some of the best bits of previous cities). But why is that? Well thats quite easy, it has almost everything you need within a very short distance downtown. Most of the suburbs being on the outskirts, which I never actually thought would be a good thing, but it kinda was. Oh and did I mention it had the only Nine-Line store in the world? There’s more; ice cream parlours from the 1800’s and Indiana Jones marathons at old school cinemas. Awesome.

So whats on the agenda now? Well, right now I’m in Jacksonville having some serious downtime. By pure chance, I found the perfect place to stay, but the downtime bit hasn’t worked out so well and there has been more drinking than in most places I’ve stayed. Oh and whats that? NFL draft party tonight at the Jaguars stadium? Yeh, ok then! More great food and drink to explore. Before anyone argues with me (plenty of Americans have tried now), Charleston was average.

I’ll leave you with a select few of my Savannah photos. Enjoy!


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    1. I’m now in St Augustine and the weather is stunning! Will be hitting Orlando on Monday for a good week before heading down to Miami.

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