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We wave farewell to Philadelphia, but there is so much to talk about and in such a short timeframe. So where do I start? Well, while in Philly, you need to do the Cheesesteak thing. Almost correct. My time in Philly has shown that the Cheesesteak sandwich is not actually the original.

IMG_3272Sure, most people who know anything about the traditional Cheesesteak might say there is nothing better. You’ll know about the legendary P&G’s rivalry which has been storming for over 4 decades. Each one claiming they do the best Philly Cheesesteak. We took some local advice, only to find out that it’s all about the Roast Pork Sandwich, and how right was he (thanks Quinn!). Heading straight for Tommy Dinic’s (some of you may have seen it on Man vs Food!), we had one thing on our minds. Pork sandwich. Straight up traditional; mountain of pork, sharp provolone cheese and a broccoli rub or peppers. All served on the one of the best rolls you’ve ever tasted. Ever thinking about hitting up Philly, you have to try this place out. Right in the heart of the Reading food terminal. Do it.

Enough of the food (well, at least for now), lets move onto the city itself. Philly is the home of Rocky as rockysome of you might know. Unless you are Mary of course, she had no idea why I was getting so excited when we hit up the Rocky steps. A short education later, she still didn’t want to race me up the steps. A quick walk round the outside of the Art museum which tops the Rocky steps, we realised one thing. These American cities love their gigantic parks. Beautiful, but man are they big.

Want something odd, but kinda cool? Well they got it. Philadelphia Magic Gardens is an individuals imagination let loose on a small plot of land. Also labelled the mosaic gardens, you can sit there and not even begin to contemplate how someone could create such a random, but in some lights, beautiful space. We visited on a slightly cloudy day so I don’t think it was in its full glory, but one can imagine.

IMG_3296We were staying in an area called Fishtown and while the name might be a bit odd, this place is great. Imagine yourself in what used to be a fairly run down neighbourhood which is now massively on the up. New buildings popping up everywhere, some of which keeping the same style of housing. Some really not. Fish heads on the public bins, pizza museums, trendy coffee shops and more bars than you could shake a stick at. I even got my first experience of those typical dark and dinghy bars where practically no-one sits at tables, it’s all about the bar. On the flip side, the local German beer house sports litre steins to enjoy your beer from.

The highlight would definitely be the local pizza place, aptly named Pizza Brain. Introduced to by our awesome hosts, this place does great pizza, and they’re BIG. If that wasn’t enough, Little Baby’s Ice Cream parlour is bolted on. Pizza and Ice Cream. Match made in pizzaheaven right? Bang on. All ends of the spectrum from Vanilla, through to Thai Peanut (yes, it was spicy!). All made on site and at $6 for 2 of the largest scoops you have ever seen, you couldn’t ask for a better way to top off a great tasting pizza. Oh and did I mention they have a BYOB policy? Growler for 4, yeh I said growler. No it doesn’t mean what you all think it might. It is something very different in the states. I’ll let you do the googling!

So where are we off to next? While I am writing this, we are winging our way onto Baltimore for a few days. Our second Greyhound trip and although these ones are only a few hours, they are great. Wifi, comfy seats and some rather chatty bus drivers. Our current one is Shelly Jones and his tagline appears to be ‘Thanks for riding the big dawg Greyhound’ – now say that in an American accent. Should bring a nice smile to your face.

Mosaic gardens in Philly! Very odd but kinda cool. #Philadelphia #art #hidden #mosaic #glass #magicgarden

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