Houston this is definitely not fake.

So Orlando, hows it going? The longest stay in a single place since the start of my journey almost 5 weeks ago now, and what a difference. Florida seems to have the reputation of where all those rich retired folk come to live out there days, but I have a completely different opinion.

I suppose the first question everyone is going to be thinking is you must have disney right? Wrong! Universal? Wrong! In fact, I didn’t go to any of the parks. I wanted to get stuck into local living and check out the bar scene in what seems to be the giant city that is Disney capital.

First stop, an evening of relaxed suburbia with an old friend. Good food, some great drinks and of course a good old catch up. Not to mention meeting some of her work chums, who were all awesome. One of which had a very interesting opinion on what is called ‘concealed carry’ in the states. Concealed carry is exactly what you’re thinking. The carrying of a weapon which is not visible to the public. Now my immediate reaction was why? His answer was very simple. To protect himself. Fair enough I said, so you’d have no problems gunning down someone who you deemed threatening to you? Absolutely not, and he’d more than likely get away with it. Wow!

Intellectual conversations out of the way, it was time to enjoy some of that sun poolside and take some proper downtime. Laundry and pool day commenced and what did I get at the end of it? Sunburn! Yes, my first sunburn of the trip, straight across my chest. I’m pleased to say it is now turning into the makings of an all body sun-tan. Not just the arms and face which I usually sign up for.

In my usual quest to meet new people, it was that time again. A new arrival at the hostel peaked my interest – what sounded like a Brit girl, but in fact a German. Her accent so good, it even fooled me, a British guy. Revealing some great stories of her 18 months of travelling around the world, Orlando was one of her final stops. Tales of blowing $1000 in just 2 days in Vegas and losing half her stuff in Costa Rica due to a mugging, it made my trip sound infantile.

Tales aside it was time to move out of hostels for a bit and get a bit of luxury treatment. Back to AirBnB and this place was amazing. 15 minutes walk from downtown Orlando, a giant room, awesome shower and a beauty of a deck. Not only this, I could actually sleep with the doors open at night, cool huh? You’re damn right! If that wasn’t enough, someone special paid a visit, but thats all you get to know.

So what else have I got for you? Well thats easy, NASA! Yep, a tour of the Nasa spaceport in Cape Canaveral was a must when in Florida. Sod all these amusement parks, they are all old news right? Correct. This place was awesome. Space shuttle launch sites, alligators (yes alligators!) and just all kind of awesomeness, I couldn’t help but get excited. Houston we have a problem was just a myth apparently, and did you know; all shuttle launches are not actually controlled from cape canaveral? Well you’ll just have to believe me.

Orlando nearly over, it was time to start thinking about what to do next. Miami it is and it would be rude not to stay somewhere nice. Check out Freehand Miami, thats where I’ll be!


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I started my career 10 years ago in hospitality and have been serving in some format ever since. Very recently, I decided enough was enough and wanted to do some travelling, perhaps something I should have done all those years ago when I finished University. Expect airsoft, rants, travelling snippets and lots of pictures.

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