How the other side live..

So we’ve all heard how Charleston is a pretty rich, and possibly pretentious part of the south, I had to see it for myself. Originally named Charles Town in memory of our very own King Charles II, it was very well know for as a half way point for the slave trade back in the day.

Now, it is a thriving University town (or college) with two very different colleges. A very prestigious military college, The Citadel, and the University of Charleston. So as you can imagine, for such a small town (in comparison to others), this place is full of young people. Young people, who want to look good all the time. Not to mention, it’s only a stone’s throw from some pretty decent beaches.

My first experience in a hostel, at least in America anyway, and what a great one it was. The NotSo Hostel not only has a clever name, but also has everything you could ever need. Good (and clean) facilities, it was in downtown pretty much and was incredibly busy with people coming and going. I only stayed for 2 nights, but I met so many different people in such a short amount of time. Travelling Americans, dutch, Brazilian, French, Japanese. It was hard to keep up!

As for the night life, this place has it all, and it’s all on one convenient street. Live music, roof top bars, late night clubs and of course the odd cocktail bar here and there. Did I mention I caught someone shaking an Old Fashioned the other day, I was straight in there insisting it was wrong. I was the token Brit who was a dick for that night! But who shakes an Old Fashioned right? No-one should. Ever.

Charleston was the final stop for a new-found friend from Richmond, Travis (and his awesome dog Belle!). I met Travis back at a party and within about an hour, he had decided to come on a short trip down to Charleston with me. Stopping off in Wilmington along the way. In an old-school Ford truck and a dog in the front seat, I couldn’t have asked for a more American road trip. Travis, you’re awesome. Oh and Belle of course. That’ll be a friend for quite some time.

So where am I right now? Savannah, Georgia and man the weather had changed. Moving from the 60/70 degrees Fahrenheit (yup, I had to convert!) with almost no humidity, to the mid 80’s with fairly high humidity can be quite the shock. Still, it’s not raining, so that’s good. Although sometimes I can imagine, they wish it would.

You may also have noticed, my picture-taking has dramatically decreased? Well that’s because I’ve been either out drinking, or taking some big downtime. Savannah is good for that right now (the downtime that is). But never fear, I’ll be in for exploring mode tomorrow and checking out the historical district, along with potentially, an old fort!

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