“I still think of myself as just a girl from Brooklyn”

Hello! Mary here! Today saw the first day of bright sunshine, we grabbed our bagels and with a hop skip and a subway ride later we found ourselves in the trendy area of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

IMG_3202Home of the Brooklyn Brewery and plenty of places to eat and drink we were in our element. First stop, Brooklyn brewhouse – the queue was ridiculous. As we later found out the Smorgasburg food market was on down by the river which made the area even more popular that usual. Streets were teaming with people and they all thought it would be a great day to visit the brew house too. So on this occasion we gave it a miss, but we will be back!

The Smorgasburg comprised of around 50 food stalls all smelling of and selling amazing delicious food. Queues for each stall were everywhere. We were almost regretting the fact that we had just eaten had we not just been to a great meatball restaurant, but more on that in a bit. What was really fantastic about this market was its location. The view of Manhattan from this area was fantastic and on such a clear sunny day too! It even had its own little beach :)IMG_3201

So as our blogs usually involve food, it would be rude not to tell you about our lunch. What really drew us in was the open front windows and the bar playing Earth Wind & Fire and the awesome Michael Jackson, right up my street obviously!

American meatballs were something we had yet to experience and obviously were not going to leave New York without doing so. Into The Meatball Shop we ventured! Brunch menu available and its straight on the Bloody Mary for me, garnished with a pickled jalapeno! Spicy Spicy!

For me, meatballs belong with one thing and that is a classic IMG_3215tomato sauce and cheese which they did exceptionally well served in a toasted brioche bun. However, you could have meatballs florentine, served with traditional hollandaise or even how Chris opted to have it which was like a breakfast sandwich, including fried egg, cheese, sausage meatballs and bacon, also served in a brioche bap. Delicious! Service was also really good here, which made the experience that much better as great service tends to do. I was quite surprised when Chris suggested that we get dessert… very unlike him! However with my back to the main restaurant i had obviously been missing what he had been seeing; Huge scoops of home made ice cream served with a variety of cookies, not to mention decadent affagatos that got Chris’s mouth watering. IMG_3214

With our tummy’s full we waddled out of the restaurant to soak up the culture and enjoy the sunshine. It didn’t take me long to discover there was a Matcha bar in the area. For a short while Clifton had a fantastic tea shop where i was able to get my Matcha fix but sadly was forced to shut down and I was deprived, unable to experience its delights again, until now! For those of you that don’t know, Matcha is a beautiful form of green tea that is usually found in powder form. One cup of matcha is worth ten cups of coffee in terms of caffeine and has all the fantastic properties of green tea to go with it.  

Matcha’d up, it was time to call it a day. The sun and caffeine had done us in and the time had come to make the journey home. Let us remember, we are travelling right and need that down time, but never fear there is plenty more to come. Clean up day Sunday, and thats not physically cleaning up, but catching anything we have missed before moving on down the coast.

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