Is there any competition?

I’ve played along side several PolarStar users, along with shooting next to one on a range and the question is now arising everywhere – is there any competition between those and the formidable Systema platforms?

Now I can’t dive into a full review as I just quite simply haven’t had enough play time with them, but they are certainly getting a lot of attention. Price tags have varied from person to person and what they personally look for. The brief interaction I have had, it almost doesn’t feel as though anything is leaving the barrel when you hit the rather impressive trigger. First impressions on their range is quite remarkable though, having sat just in front (and just underneath) of a couple of PolarStar’s at a recent skirmish day, it was amazing to see the kind of range they were getting.

Personally they are not something i’ll be jumping into bed with immediately, but certainly something I’ll be considering as a back up. As I mentioned earlier, they almost don’t feel real and there is nothing quite like the rumble of a Systema when you pop off a quick burst.

I’ll be doing some more detailed tests when I attend the next Infiltration event on the 22nd so watch this space for plenty of photos and thorough testing.


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