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I have been thinking about this topic for quite a while and thought I would just get it down on virtual paper and see if it gets any sort of reaction. Urban, CQB or Woodland. Everyone plays them, but what makes them better than each other, if at allarticle-2252847-16A5502C000005DC-732_634x898?

Whats the first reaction you see on peoples faces when you try and explain what Airsoft is? A slight look of confusion, combined with a very solid ‘what’ expression and you can almost see the picture being painted in their head. Loads of grown men, dressed in camo, running around a wood (and definitely not these two upstanding citizens). Its very easy to adopt the same old phrase of ‘oh, its a bit like paintball but with BB guns’. By using this, it just makes you immediately look like a geek, but thats not a bad thing is it? I personally think everyone has a geek hiding inside them, its just finding out what makes them tick and what their passions are. It could be anything from Airsoft straight through to a coffee geek (I am one of those too by the way!).

Anyway, thats not really what this article is all about – what I really wanted to find out is what really makes people prefer certain genres we’ll call them of play. I personally go through phases thumpy_dragonvalley_aerialand during my years of playing, it has dramatically changed. My Airsoft debut actually came in an urban site in the south of Wales. I then become hooked and slightly convinced that woodland was the way to go, even in the pouring rain and mud up to your ankles, I still enjoyed it (even if my guns didn’t). It made sense that you wanted to ‘pretend’ to be in the army which, lets face it, a lot of younger places imagine it being when they first start – woodland is where you Airsoft-A-TACS-Field-Shotwould get the most ‘real’ experience. As we all know, that couldn’t be further from the truth nowadays, unless of course you’re stuck in the Vietnam era.

For me, the Airsoft world has come such a long way just in the past year, you have tons of events popping up all over the place (Brit-Tac, Infiltration being the newbies). Bolted onto this is the sheer diversity of venues that are more frequently available to play in. There are not many countries out there who can boast being able to use military training villages on a regular basis for weekend or even day events.

cqbnightThere is one problem however, for those wanting really nitty gritty CQB stuff, we are lacking. Full indoor sites are few and far between, either popping for short periods and then disappearing into the Airsoft abyss. Or, simply not happening at all due to rising rent prices or poorly run venues which players just don’t want to visit.

For a lot of teams out there, its all about the weekend events, for the others, its just about playing with your mates at your local site. Personally, its all about urban nowadays, I like dabbling in the local woodland sites from time to time, LongmoorUTC_800X533-460x212but you soon realise why you left them behind. Those previous days saved for the big events give you that extra boost to play hard.

For just a few reasons why I enjoy Urban sites so much, check out below at several videos taken from a collection of sites across the UK by Bristol Recon.


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