Just passing through!

Aptly named because that’s just it! The journey from Miami via Orlando, Tallahassee, Panama City Beach and finally into New Orleans feels like one massive blur. So many different things going on from several changes in scenery to the massive difference in your every day joe blogs hospitality. From fresh water springs, wetlands that just seemed to never stop into something different. One crazy night at a real life Coyote Ugly bar.

The first stop out of main stream was in fact the capital of Florida, Tallahassee (although you’d never think it and it left me wondering why it was the capital). One thing that did take my fancy was THE deepest fresh water spring in America with the peculiar name of Wakulla Springs. Standing at a depth of 190ft, the area has also seen some stardom with filming of movies such as Tarzan and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The spring fills the Wakulla river which flows for 9 miles before it eventually joins several other rivers, finally emptying into the Gulf of Mexico (yup, I did some reading!).

Amongst other things, you’ll see real life alligators, tons of different birds and more turtles than you can shake a stick at. On top of this, if you fancy going swimming with all of that, you’re more than welcome to. They’ve even built a giant diving board for you to jump into all those hungry gator mouths (just kidding, they don’t ‘usually’ come that close according to one of the park wardens). As a result, I took no chances and moved on.

Next up on the journey was Panama City Beach, and no it’s not the place I first tried to book, which was actually in Panama. This American location is massive hotspot for spring breakers who flock here in their thousands to get up to all kinds of mischief. So what better way to celebrate our single night in a ceedy┬ámotel, but to do exactly the same. The bar of choice was of course Coyote Ugly Saloon which happened to be just 10 minutes walk down the road. Very convenient. Decked out with what I have learnt is the usual bras all over the ceiling (which are all from their adoring patrons) and of course 2 riding bulls out the front. This place was crazy. If you’re ever passing through, poke your nose in. You will need to wait till later for it to properly get going, but it’ll be worth the wait I promise.

The journey endeth in New Orleans which promises to be even more craziness, but I’ll let you digest the above first before I unleash that on you all.



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I started my career 10 years ago in hospitality and have been serving in some format ever since. Very recently, I decided enough was enough and wanted to do some travelling, perhaps something I should have done all those years ago when I finished University. Expect airsoft, rants, travelling snippets and lots of pictures.

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