Marshal’s and the importance of having decent ones.

It’s always a hot topic and whatever event you are playing; whether it be a casual walk-on or a full blow weekend event. How important is it to have decent marshals? Or perhaps you think it should be solely down to the player being honest?

The debate always surfaces when you think you have hit someone and either they haven’t felt it (yes, this does happen) or quite simply, they are cheating. Either way, you need someone ‘neutral’ to be able to make the decision, right?

I’ve recently been upping my attendance to casual walk-on’s to get a feel for exactly this and form some sort of argument for and against. Some very recent trips have highlighted that perhaps what the ‘game’ (it’s not quite a sport yet!) is missing is more marshal’s who actually get paid. From what I understand, the majority are doing it voluntarily with some kind of temptation of a free game or free BB’s. In some cases it may even be both.

On a very recent trip to a site somewhere in the UK, this is clearly not working. Marshal’s were grouped together and clearly no-where near any of the action to be able to effectively call hits when and if they are happening. So much so that on several occasions I had to call in a marshal to sit on a group of players rather than paying more attention to the prettiest gun on the field. So I suppose the question is, do people take it more seriously if there is a monetary gain at the end of it? Some might argue yes, others would argue quite the opposite.

At a different site, somewhere in the UK, it is the same scenario. They don’t get paid, but they do earn themselves free BB’s and free game-days. This is more than enough for them and I can quite comfortably say that their marshaling and organisation is spot on, most of the time. Is it something to do with the good old management? I spoke about the basics of customer service some time ago and the increase in expectations from game sites now that the ‘game’ is growing, and this has a huge impact on how successful a site can be.

What makes me go back is quite simple. How well was I treated (I am a paying customer after all) and how organised are the guys running it? I might have high expectations yes, but you don’t expect to go into your every day retail shop and be treated like a 5 year old. Sure it happens, but the majority of the sites out there need to seriously up their game and start treating it like a business and not a hobby. Ignore this, and you’re doomed from the start.

The floor is over to you guys.


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