Pleaded: Not Guilty

After another visit to the Courthouse just the past Thursday evening, I can honestly say, I thoroughly enjoyed it…again! Some of you may think, that’s strange. But there is something about it that just makes me happy. Not only that, but the marshals (yes they are very new) ask for help when they feel they need it. The visual aid of Bristol Recon patches certainly help. When Adam and I rocked up for the second week in the row, players noticed and we, whats the word, educated in all forms.

While the site is potentially getting better, there is certainly still a lack of creativity when it comes to game scenarios. I always bang on about how the best games are almost the simple, but in a site such as the Courthouse, you need something fresh and new to keep people interested. After just over 3 hours of game time, it was starting to get a little bit tedious. This is where Adam, very graciously, stepped in and suggested some new (but old) game types.

It’s not just us that’s paying the site more attention, IOA are hosting a private event at the beginning of March. Stay tuned for some more updates re the Courthouse.


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