PTW 1.0 – The beginning

Not a particularly uncommon thing to see nowadays. I do seem to remember a day, once upon a time, when it was a rarity to see one at a walk-on. Possibly due to there being several different avenues of obtaining one nowadays, or perhaps because our beloved hobby is becoming increasingly popular with those with a bit of ‘disposable income’? We will never know. For me however, its been a long time coming, and yes, I am finally putting in my order with Stu @ ProjectPTW after much thought and building that picture in my head.

So as its at such early stages, why start writing about it? Well, even if the box hasn’t even been picked yet, my grip has certainly been put to one side for me. I like to write, most of the time, and this is a perfect blog to just keep a simple progress check on how things are going with my build and indeed, how and if my play style changes during the transition from my awesome AEG to an even better PTW. Something I am particularly excited and a little bit nervous to find out.

Whats the build? Stock mainly, just with a few additions of something pretty to start with. As I already pointed out, this is starting as a project right from the word go. I’m not going to reveal exactly what additions will be added straight away just yet. No doubt pictures may appear before I even get my hands on it, one name does spring to mind. But perhaps not, it may just go down in Stu’s books as another piece of work (or art) completed for hopefully, a very happy customer.  I do hope to bring you some pictures when I get my hands on it, but in the meantime, I may just release the odd bit of info.

Its something I have been looking forward to for ages, and now that time has gone. Goodbye disposable income, hello shiny Systema.


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I started my career 10 years ago in hospitality and have been serving in some format ever since. Very recently, I decided enough was enough and wanted to do some travelling, perhaps something I should have done all those years ago when I finished University. Expect airsoft, rants, travelling snippets and lots of pictures.

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