PTW 1.1 – Almost there…

Almost 5 weeks, I had nearly forgotten that my new baby was in production and nearing completion. I received a message 2 weeks ago informing me that the build was nearly complete, but was still waiting on my mags to arrive. I was given two options; come and collect just with one mag, or wait until the rest arrive. I chose the latter and while being away for several weeks with work, it was forced to back of my mind.

Before I knew it, Stu had released the build (today in fact) on the PPTW website and what a stunner she is. I chose the SONY DSCbase SCK Max II build with all his standard mods, but with a few added extras. The ASAP rear sling plate, a Samson Evo 10′ rail and a full box of genuine systema mags.

Those who know my Airsoft history, its not been a massive one (just over 2 years now), but it has certainly been a whirlwind of experiences and opportunities. I remember my first AEG purchase and how excited I was to get out and start blatting.  My gameplay soon evolved once I had had the pleasure to meet and play with/against some great players. Not only that, soak up some of their slightly more mature experience in the Airsoft world.

SONY DSCI made my decision to jump into the PTW market early in 2013, but I was still very undecided exactly what I wanted. Under the guidance and dozens of questions from BR teammates and Rich over at The Reptile House Blog, I approached Stu and PPTW for the first time several months ago. Stu was able to be honest with me from the moment I said hi, telling me exactly what I could and couldn’t do. At times, I was getting a bit lost amongst everything that was available to me. Stu very quickly got me back on track and gave me almost every option, even going as far as telling me when he thought something might be a bad idea, but at the same time making it sound like advice rather that statements. Not only does his reputation as a ‘pro gunsmith’ carry extremely well, but Stu is also in the customer service biz now – and he excels at it.

All that is left is to go and collect as I start my 2014 Airsoft year. Excited much? Please do check out PPTW for all your PTW needs and be confident in the services provided.


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