Tales of failed experiments…

So on a recent deployment with This is Bristol Recon, we came across a very interesting scenario of what at first, appeared to be the typical ‘run away from zombies’ sort of thing, but we were wrong.

What it actually turned out to be was a very well thought out scenario which immediately reminded me of the Umbrella Corporation and a Resident Evil type theme. The only real difference is we were in the middle of Salisbury Plain rather than some random American city with labs hundreds of feet below. Picture the scene of darkness falling rather quickly in the middle of what is already¬†a rather desolate, very windy, cold area of the country. What are we told? We are the PMC’s tasked with finding and destroying evidence that Incotek was ever in the area. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong!

In a slightly delirious state already, thanks to the typical switch from summer to winter and the inevitable ‘man-flu’ trying to take hold, running around all day with little sleep was already starting to take its toll. As I zoned out during the end of the brief, in the darkness appeared some rather odd looking ‘things’. The drew closer and we caught wind of the term ‘failed experiment’ – not especially scary, but all I could imagine was one standing in the corner of a pitch black room as I go into clear and search for evidence – that would be scary enough thanks very much! Now if that wasn’t enough to keep those rumbling nerves at bay, successful experiments was also mentioned. Basically, super soldiers. They don’t take their hits (bastards!), but will respond to a tasty pyro at their feet. Oh, but did I mention they had vehicles? I couldn’t wait!

After a good 3 hours of searching, and hoping not to find anything as I turned the corner, distant high pitched (male) screams could be heard across the site every now and again. Myself, didn’t come across any of these so called ‘failed experiments’, but know of one who did. Our fearless leader, bringing up the rear (insert witty pun here!) let out a sudden cry for help as our front four double timed it back to the FOB. We did have intel after all – it was nothing to do with the sudden outburst scaring us half to death and initial instincts kicking in, honest.

As the early hours of the morning approached, so did the weather. This great storm that had been predicted had hit us a day early we thought. To be honest, all I really noticed was lots of water, commonly known as ‘fat rain’. Emerging from our building of safety, at least from the rain, the morning turned into constant FOB bashing. Now you might say, ‘didn’t that get boring?’, no no no, at least not to begin with. With the initial orders of ‘capture enemy intel, and if you see the scientist, get him too’ – we stormed the enemy FOB. Greeted by minimal opposition, but possibly by the best quote ever; ‘no shit I’m under attack, I have a whole Bristol Recon call-sign downstairs!’. Music to my ears and one to store in the bank. Now when I said initial orders, we were more interested in just lifting the enemy CO while picking up useful things on the way.

By this point in the morning it looked as though the failed experiments had all but gone to bed, this seemed to be the case for the successful ones too. Who would blame them? The joys of not being able to die had its day for them both it appeared. The morning drew to a close after some epic base defence battles where we didn’t need torches, split tracer BB’s will do just fine. Cries of a 3 round shotgun round to the face could be heard on numerous occasions, thanks to BR21. BR19 going full auto at the window, while BR02 sat in the dark, pinging rounds over the fence (it did look ever so pretty). BR01 running around organising the troops with the occasional burst out the window. Myself, hit in the hand and failing on medic, decided to watch the fireworks erupt.

The experiments had ended and our employment quickly ended by Incotek, but it still felt like something was watching as we walked off the field. Will I ever not feel on edge in darkness again? Well yes, but it was certainly a great experience. Nice one Brit-Tac.


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I started my career 10 years ago in hospitality and have been serving in some format ever since. Very recently, I decided enough was enough and wanted to do some travelling, perhaps something I should have done all those years ago when I finished University. Expect airsoft, rants, travelling snippets and lots of pictures.

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