That water sure is clear!

Slightly shorter one and in very quick succession to St Augustine, but I’m on a roll.

So, I finally have my own transport in the form of a VW. So excited when I picked it up and man, I’ve missed driving. Even if it is on the wrong side of the road. So what was the first thing to do? Go on a mini-road trip of course.

Orlando is commonly seen as the ‘hub’ of Florida as its the most central and most major city in the sunshine state of Florida. Just over an hour east and west of Orlando, you’re going to hit one of the oceans and what usually comes hand in hand with an ocean? Thats right, beaches! I was recommended to head towards Tampa and then onto Clearwater which is technically on the gulf coast, and wow was it beautiful. White sandy beaches, crazy blue skies and ‘clear water’ at least until you couldn’t stand up anymore.

If you’re ever in the Tampa Bay neck of the woods, make sure you hit up ClearWater for nothing else but to see the awesome beach line. The drive there is also great. 18 miles of what felt like just a road in the water. Do it.



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