The T.R.M.R

Very recently, several members of Bristol Recon had the pleasure of picking up some of the new TRMR grenades from JD Airsoft. Phil even chucked in some laser engraving for us, what a legend.

As a bit of background the Tactical Reloadable Maritime Ready (TRMR for short as thats quite the mouthful!) Impact Grenade was originally developed for the boarding of maritime vessels and predominately room clearance, but with a difference. With so many different rooms, the aim of such a device was to make it as simple and as fast as possible to re-arm and deploy over and over again. With that in mind, this is how we used them…

The first outing for our Tactical Reload…..I mean TRMR’s was set for our most recent visit to the Mall. Going in grenade heavy, we were up for lots of bangs. The TRMR has a unique method of arming, the best part is, there is no pin. Period. Thank the lord some of you might be saying, but keep reading as it gets even better. In order to arm the device, you simply twist the top half, revealing the impact device. Before arming, the impact device is firmly locked in place so you don’t have to worry about any accidental impacts (Darren?). Even when armed you might be thinking, but surely any knocks it could go off in your hand? Originally thats what I thought, but then I started researching and asking around. Word is, you can really give it some after arming and it still won’t detonate until it impacts with something solid, i.e a wall or a solid floor. So far, I haven’t had the courage to do this, but I’m sure it’ll come.

The device has an option of using 3 different ammunition in the Airsoft world; shotgun primers, 9mm and the ear bleeding 12mm. I opted for both shotgun primers and 9mm adapter (yes, they are a little extra if you wnat 9mm, as it comes with shotgun primer as standard). When comparing the adaptors, you start noticing the small extras that come with it. The 9mm adapter has had 2 ridges machined into the side of the blank hole in order to make it easier to remove after detonating (genius).

As for playing, the arming method is seamless during the heat of firefights and completely silent for those sneaky (surprise!) room clearances. The twisting motion is slightly stiff to begin with, but thats something that I am confident will get easier with more use. Or if you’re not quite that patient, a bit of silicone oil works wonders so I am told. I had no dead fires, worked perfectly every time and even with the smaller shotgun primers, it was still a good enough bang for everyone in the area to know.

JD are also working on getting some quick release clips for the top of the grenades, so you don’t even need to find a pouch (40mm pouches fit them very snuggly). Having used impacts only for years, these are by far the best devices I have come across to date, and I’ll no doubt be picking up at least a second in the not too distant future. If you’d like to check them out or just flat out buy one, you can find them at JD Airsoft and simply ask about the extra laser engraving.

I’m sure you’ll see me re-visit these grenades over the coming month as Airsoft season properly gets back underway! :)


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