Time to infiltrate.

I was catching up with the guys from Infiltration Airsoft earlier today and I have some exciting news straight from horses mouth, so to speak. Oh and yes, I have been allowed to talk about it. You won’t get much from me however except that they have at least 2 more events planned for the rest of the year, and that doesn’t include the already sold out event in June – Operation Liberation.

10151165_725846197435534_175159558_nIf you didn’t get a chance to attend their early event, Operation Valravn, they are definitely worth a look, perhaps later in the year. All of their events promise to have a very strong story element to them with the hope that each event will follow on from the last. Not only that, but they try and incorporate techno gadgets. Valravn saw the introduction of digital safes which once found, had to be cracked.

Plans are still a secret for their events in August and September, but I think 1922156_725849167435237_2047381053_nthey’ll be keen to let their already growing fan-base know as soon as they can. Personally, I’m a huge fan of these guys and wish them all the best in their upcoming events.


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