Tour of the desert.

So perhaps not quite a tour of the desert and more a brief tour of ‘the north’, the team and I jetted off the what was looking to be a very sunny Catterick for Stirlings OP Samala. As a team, we have been involved in several of Stirling Airsofts weekend events, mainly the story driven events and what some people may call the ‘milsim’ side of the game. It also gave a few certain members a chance to show off their newly acquired M90K, and probably the main reason we decided to go dessie rather than our usual spot on the green team.

It was my second trip to Catterick, but this time we had more Recon players to field. Doubled up with the fact that I was rather dubious about switching to dessie team, but it did give me the excuse to by some more camo – polish desert it will be very unlikely to see me in M90K anytime soon, unless I can find it cheap cheap from somewhere..

1924429_944740702671_1462775229_nAs the weekend kicked off, there was a few more toys than usual, the introduction of a fully functional drone with live HD streaming was awesome, and looked even cooler at night-time. The only thing that really gave it away was the noise, there was definitely no chance of being sneaky when this thing was around.

As I mentioned earlier, we had abandoned our usual green team and decided to go tan/dessie. Apart from potentially looking cool and the guys that had purchased M90K the chance to show it off, this idea would prove to be the wrong one. It was clear right from the word go that the majority of the Stirling team would need to be on green just to make the sides even. Now usually this is a good thing for us as it always gives us some competition and whether we win or lose, we’ll always give us as good as we get.

This weekend however, we did give it, when we got the chance, but for most of it, we got kicked around the park. It didn’t help that out of 7 call-signs at the beginning of the 2 days, only 2 actually ever responded to tasking and stayed on track. I’m glad to say we were one of those 2 call-signs staying on task!!


With only the odd downer, it didn’t keep us down and I had some spectacular fire fights. One of my favourites being in pitch black and only knowing at the absolute last second that I wasn’t shooting at friendlies. Feeling like we were on the back foot for the majority of the night, we kept on pushing but with several of us calling it a night by 10pm, Dave (BR01) and Darren (BR02) soldiered on and defended those objectives, good job boys.

As Sunday morning broke, everyone was G’d right up to give the greens a good kicking today after being slightly beaten the day before. Rigs on and we engaged, and on the most part, it was like watching a different dessie team. BOOM headshotcould be heard from the opposite side of the site on several occasions…I wonder who that might be? (You know who you are!).

Another great trip up to Catterick and our yearly visit ticked off, I just wish the site was closer as its by far one of my favourites. Props to the Irish who were one of the tightest groups I have seen at a long time. Congrats to Stirling (who made up a big chunk of the greens) for the flawless victory, and thanks to all my fellow team-mates for another great weekend.


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