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Third in the series of Infiltration event’s and this one took on a slightly different feel. Woodland. Still very much the new kids on the blog, they are making massive headway by including cunning twists and the introduction of technologies into their game scenarios. With a fourth already in the pipeline before the end of the year, they have certainly had a great year in regards to Airsoft and really showcasing their events.

Kit packed, including wet weather stuff as it was guaranteed to be a really wet one, we set off the night before to get a decent nights sleep before their first overnight event. Game times were set; Sat 3pm – Sun 11am. We were excited. Not just because it was a ‘straight through’ event but also at a site none of us had played before. Battle Lakes. With rumours of the Battle Lakes staff booking in on the Flame side and a supposed ‘milsim’ team also taking on the Flame colours, we knew it could potentially be a tough fight.

Game on and we were dropped at our designated camp site, to set up camp while potentially coming under fire and under fire we came. More of just sporadic gun fire, but still a new experience; putting up a tent while being shot at. Battle Lakes itself is essentially woodland with a main track going straight through the middle and around with several mini tracks leading into the wood itself. Walking through the woodland, you’ll come across varying sizes of ‘lakes’ and assault courses. It was hard to resist having a quick go on some of assault course areas.

While spending most of the first day familiarising myself with the surroundings and genopunchartedmaperal layout, it was more about the K/D ratio rather than actually hunting for objectives. It wasn’t until later that day did we realise ‘oh shit, we haven’t actually completed any of our objectives….wait what are our objectives?’. After a quick sit down and run through over what they are actually were, off we went…in the dark. The objectives was very straight forward, but it was the method of which to complete them, extremely well thought through and clever. A small box in which to download all the information from, which in turn requires your unique wrist band ID to log who is initiating the download. ┬áBrilliant idea and worked flawlessly all weekend.

As it got darker and darker, sporadic firefights could be heard across the woods with the occasional yelp as someone clearly disappeared down a hole or collided with a branch. We position ourselves into over-watch near ‘mamas camp’ (a separate faction who could be allied with for strategic advantage) in a short woodblock with NVG in hand (nice one gobsy). Nothing much going on, so a few of us got some shut eye on rotations while thinking to ourselves ‘when is this rain gonna hit’. We had been very lucky until about 30 minutes later when the heavens opened and my god, we got wet. Not even the tress provided any cover. Getting back to the tents, it was fairly clear, they weren’t going to offer much cover either.

10559658_691854507534603_5213237103995256456_nSome sporadic early morning gun-fights later, we weren’t prepared to get everything wet so stayed wrapped up sleeping bags for just a few hours. 5am broke and we started to head back out, but this time with one clear objective; nail all the intel. Nail it we did and by around 7am, we had every single piece downloaded – now it was time for some real fun. Camp invading. Having a pretty good idea about the site now, we knew exactly where the Flame camps were and the best ways to hit them. On mass, we set out for Flame 1 camp with one objective; wipe them out and take anything we could. Bonus points were given for owning crates, drugs, etc. The main challenge we knew we would face, regen being so close to their main base (the basic rules were if unable to be mediced, head to regen, go back to base, back in the game). This certainly proved a challenge as we started to assault as hit players were bleeding out immediately and almost double timing it back to regen in order to get back and defend. It wasn’t enough though and steal their crates, we did.

Next game a first for Infiltration, an issue over sportsmanship. The dreaded ‘I marshal here, so I am right’ attitude unfortunately came out from a few players on the Flame as we made a dash with their crates. Quickly squashed by Harry as in play, but by then it was too late, we lost our own momentum and in turn, lost our crates! We got our own back later however by ambushing what looked like their entire call-sign while out in the open. so it wasn’t all bad.

The serious rain held off for the rest of the game until just after 11am and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Trying to take down our campsite. Just as all the pegs had come out, the heavens opened once again and a quick dash back into the tents followed. Mine was definitely not waterproof this time round. The 4×4 rolled up and it was now or never, quickly get the kit into the back of it. I probably spent about 2 minutes out in the rain and I got absolutely drenched, it was ridiculous. We eventually resolved the issue by putting any remaining kit back in the tent and just carrying the whole tent back up to the cars. Certainly a new experience.

Another success from Harry and the team @ Infiltration Airsoft, and while its firmed one thing up for me (I’ll definitely be attending the 4th), it did made me realise that perhaps woodland just isn’t for me anymore. Wyvern Airsoft also made an appearance and got himself well involved in the fighting to bring us yet more awesome photos. Airsoft Action even made an appearance.

Oh and of course, the result, Rain win by one point – making it three to zero in the current series.

Bring the rain.



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