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The long awaited return to Spartan Airsoft finally arrived yesterday and after the threat of rain all week potentially ruining the day, we got away with it. It was the biggest Bristol Recon turnout ever with 12 Recon members on the field, along with a small hare-em of friends and family. There was a great atmosphere around the safe zone as we arrived, it had been nearly a year since we played. We were buzzing.

As usual, the warm up game kicked of sharp-ish with not the usual format. The normal straight up ‘kill tans’ (phrase coined by a particular event we don’t talk about), but with regen for the first 15 minutes. One thing I can say about Spartan which is a definite improvement is the cover; as in lots of it now. Its clear quite a bit of work has gone into the site since my last visit. With some very experience players and marshalls visiting the site every other week, you can see that some clever thought processes have been put into play to allow easy movement around the site now. In the past, one criticism of mine has been the sheer lack of cover, making it almost impossible to move around the site without getting bogged down, and well, stuck.

Just the night before, we had been discussing the typical over-complication sometimes of Spartan main game scenarios and today was to sound like no difference. But we would be wrong. The initial briefing led to plenty of ‘recaps’ and ‘clarifications’, and even the emergence of Dave’s notepad which we only usually see at weekenders. Yes, we thought it was that complicated. It was actually quite easy; get the mines to this objective, over-run objective and then collect barrels, easy.

After overrunning the objective within a mere 10 mins, we were able to complete the scenario in half the time that had been allocated, and lunch was called early. A rather demoralised red team (we were yellow) were reinforced by some non Recon members and the odds were stacked against us. But thats exactly how we like it, whats that saying? More for us to kill. Bombed up and a few burgers later, we were set to roll back out, and this time to defend. The objective this time was simple, don’t let them in. After a solid start of holding the main objective against relentless waves of attackers, the call game in ‘do you think its time we let them have it?’. Pulling back from the main objective, we hunted down barrels to defend. End ex called after some hard fighting in the village and a short debrief back at the safe zone which led to smugness on our behalf. Yellow team, that’s us, complete the objective in 45 minutes. Red team, thats them, complete the objective in 55 minutes. Now you might think this is a reasonable fight, but we all know that we were out fighting for a good 90 minutes, so how did that shrink to 55 minutes? Time travellers were obviously involved. Ignoring that fact, it was still an awesome morning and afternoon with some great show of play from both teams. But it wasn’t going to stop there.

Thanks to our illustrious leader, Elvis or BR 01, the word ‘The 300’ was mentioned. For those who are not familiar with this game type, but have watched the film ‘The 300’, its much the same. We choose a spot to defend, decide on a set amount of lives, while the attackers have infinite regen. Most normal players might say ‘sod that’, but oh no, not us. Some sore hits later, I think we lasted just under 10 minutes before being overrun? Not a bad effort I thought.

The day ended with a good old fashioned Virus style game with 6 people being picked, no guesses for who one of them was. The rest of us took up positions in the village. I learned a very important lesson this game, a hooch is a mans best friend. Dozens of hits later, I had been infected and it was close to the end of the day, and what a day it had been.

I’m not going to lie, there was a lot of dubious attitudes running up to the revisit of Spartan but those mindsets were completely blown out of the water. The marshaling and general game play was pretty much spot on. There was almost a very proud moment seeing so many Bristol Recon patches out on the field together. For several BR call-signs this was the final game of the year as winter properly sets in and the cold weather takes hold. For me, I still have some games left in me, just depends when and where.

Massive thanks to the Spartan team for making our visit such a pleasant one, and for all Bristol Recon – you’re ‘fucking’ awesome.



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