Whats left for 2013?

The big question really, as we now breach into the beginning of November, whats left for all you airsoft lovers? There is obviously the usual walk-ons, which appears to be getting wetter and wetter, along with the distally wind that every airsofter hates.

So for those weekend fans, only 2 major events remain and one of those, its time to get patriotic. Are you fighting for England or Scotland – an ongoing battle hosted once a year by Stirling Airsoft. On the same weekend however, you’ll find the ever-growing in popularity 36 hours mission hosted by Tier 1. We recently had the pleasure of playing with some of the Tier 1 guys at the recent Brit-Tac event and can only describe them as class. If we don’t make it to OP: Payback, I think several of their events will be on the cards in 2014. You’ll find links to both events at the bottom.

Personally, I think that’ll be it as far as weekend events go for the rest of the year, but you will see me knocking about at local walk-on days, either at Black OPS and even a one off appearance at Spartan (after a year off from the site).

Stirling Airsoft: OP Jacobite England/Scotland December 7/8 Catterick

Tier 1: Operation Payback 6-8 December Stanta


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