What’s next?

After an incredibly lazy day of sunning ourselves in Central Park and then happy hour beers in the local smokehouse, it’s time to move on from New York. So where are we off to next?

Today we will be disembarking and heading to Philadelphia, the home of the Philly Cheese Steak. Don’t know about you, but my mouth waters just saying those 3 words. We’ll be exploring for 3 days before moving a little further down the coast to Baltimore, before hitting the big DC (thats Washington!).

New York has been a blast and was great to see some decent weather during the final few days of our stay. But no matter how much you enjoy somewhere, you have to leave it and I am more than happy with what we have seen. From the mega touristy stuff to meeting new friends, we can’t wait to do more in a different location.

I’ll leave you with some blog photos below.


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I started my career 10 years ago in hospitality and have been serving in some format ever since. Very recently, I decided enough was enough and wanted to do some travelling, perhaps something I should have done all those years ago when I finished University. Expect airsoft, rants, travelling snippets and lots of pictures.

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