Where all the beautiful people live!

Miami, picked to be one of the most popular places in America and definitely the holiday destination for everyone in Florida. Furthermore, you can’t walk down the street without seeing some sort of half-naked woman walking towards you. Guys (and girls), sunglasses are a must if you don’t want to get caught out here.

So what were the digs like? Fucking awesome (sorry parents, it’s very appropriate for how good they were). Dorms similar to that of what you might expect from a cruise liner and for only $27 a night, you can’t go wrong here at all. Furthermore, with one of the best cocktail bars in the city being part of the hostel, you might start to ask yourself why should I bother leaving here at all? Well, there is a catch for it being so awesome. You are only permitted to stay there 14 nights a year. Yup, 14 nights only. I extended once while I was there, so that’s 4 of my 14 gone already. If you’re ever in Miami and want a great place to stay, check out Freehand Miami.

I did in fact leave the hostel, but only when it involved free taco’s and cheap alcohol. I suppose I did go exploring the art district again, which you’ll see from some of my photos. But let’s be honest, you only really go to Miami for one thing, to party. From local bars to some ridiculously touristy ones, Miami had it all. Oh and did I mention, I became a giant Jenga celebrity for one night only. Well, let me give me you my autograph.

Let’s talk about beaches. Miami has lots. South beach in particular is meant to be the main destination for anyone wanting to forget who they are for a few days and have fun. Just up the road is ‘Miami beach’. A little less busy and mainly catered for all the posh apartments overlooking the ocean and all those upper class hotels. Remember I said that I had never seen sand so white as in Clearwater? Well, these beaches came incredibly close. I’d still pick the first ones however.

It’s not all about beaches and drinking, there is plenty of stuff to do if that’s not quite your scene. There is always plenty going on the food front. I had some of the best taco’s to date from a bar which were just asking for donations, no actual prices! Want some art? Check out Wynward. Tons of street art absolutely everywhere.

So what’ll be my lasting memory of Miami? Well, there are several I think. Beautiful people, new friends and of course the weather. Not once have I experience that can’t of weather yet, and I have been through plenty so far. It’s to come, but can you say storms? Yes I have been in some!

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