Zed Adventures: The Mall

It had been a least 18 months since my last visit to The Mall in Reading, supposedly one of the most premier indoor CQB sites in the country. On my last visit, The Mall had been under the watchful eye of First & Only, who, reputation alone gained them premier status in regards to indoor and CQB sites.

Unfortunately, nothing much has changed, the same old choke points are still present with little proactive behavior from the marshals. Fluid game-play becomes almost non-existent and this perhaps partly to blame with the setup of spawn points and general over-complicating of game types. It’s not a secret among the community that spawn points at The Mall have always been a problem, always guaranteeing that one team will start off with a serious disadvantage in regards to gaining the early vantage points. Would be interesting to see the distance differences from the ‘dog leg’ spawn point to the main concourse stairs, in comparison to the zombie blockade and the main concourse stairs. I’d put money on the dog leg spawn point being much closer.

It gets even deeper, the game types are just needlessly complicated. Whats wrong with a simple collapsible defence, or perhaps capture the flag? Not, get this laptop bag to this place, but they aren’t worth anything until you also get these ammo crates to this point. Oh and by the way, the terminator is also hunting you….what? I remember the days of CQB Tactical, the best games I ever had was simply holding certain points of the site by switching on a light…Illuminati anyone?

As a more personal matter, it appears they have a slight grudge against any team or group of friends that enjoy using ‘solid state’ grenades. Three members of my team were banned from using their grenades as they were deemed ‘too reckless’. I was also told to be careful as I was apparently being ‘too forceful’. ¬†Anyone who knows me or the rest of my team may find those statements absolutely ridiculous. As did we.

So whats the final judgement? The site has problems, that’s evident. It has a die hard following and appeals enough to the masses to make some money. But when it comes to being proactive when problems do arise, they unfortunately fail. Travelling airsoft players such as myself crave diversity, and this is not something the site has.


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